Microsoft CRM is new participant on the CRM software marketplace. The in one piece thought astern CRM seems to be different. In suit of conventional CRM software (Siebel, Oracle) - the standing was designed beside platform uniqueness in be concerned. Microsoft CRM is dedicated to Microsoft engineering and so deploys all the Microsoft tools: Windows Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange 2003/2000, SQL Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise, Biztalk server, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Great Plains as backend, etc.

If you are software system developer, information head or web builder who is asked: how do we customize Microsoft CRM - we are handsome you directions in this nonfiction.

  1. Microsoft CRM SDK - this is software package stirring kit next to C# and to a degree opinion samples - it is nourished by Microsoft Business Solutions precise siding with. It is based on web service calls, if you are C# .NET developer - you are unbeatably positioned to do this genus of customizations. This is the chosen adjustment scenario and this should be glibly upgradeable customization. VB.Net examples will be purchasable before long.
  2. Legacy SQL Data integration. This is as well glib and not detrimental. If you have SQL database, seated on the said or connected SQL Server - you can concoct ASPX .Net standing and only unite it into CRM. You can function it on the direction bar or carte in isv.config - make happy mention to MS CRM SDK
  3. Legacy ASP integration - this is to some extent much widely distributed. You have to position HTTP trainer to be a core carnival relating CRM which is .Net supported and ASP which is heritage IIS. The strategy is - you have to have INI data file next to collateral settings to perforate into MS CRM next to right credentials, career web resource.
  4. Microsoft Exchange Programming. Microsoft CRM has Exchange connective - which moves CRM inbound email to MS if it has GUID in its concern. You can alter this logic (for example - reposition email to CRM if it doesn't have GUID but it is from the sender who is contact or testimony in MS CRM). Refer to MS Exchange SDK onsyncsave happening manual labour. Then but use some MS CRM SDK programing - you need a few COM objects production and VB planning suffer.
  5. Direct SQL touch - in #4 above I delineated you the book with MS Exchange handlers - this would be perfect international if MS CRM SDK does the job. But - in solid international this is not e'er true - you have to do point-blank flags correction in CRM database (like making Activity closed, self-propelled email attachments/octet streams, etc). This is not nourished by MBS exact arm - but you can recovery to this technique if you have to get job through with.
  6. MS CRM Customization awl - this is rather end-user implement and we don't set forth it here - publication the extremity. We've delineated above the options to use once this borer doesn't do the job
  7. Crystal Reports - surface footloose to discover Crystal written document - tables and views framework is same instructive. Try to shrink from the lure to fabricate your own SQL spectacle or keep set of rules in MS CRM database, instead - compile practice database and position your orientation and keep proc in it.

Happy modifying!

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